District 9 Board of Supervisors candidate Joshua Arce held a press conference this morning to announce plans to build a new BART Station at 30th and Mission Street. And, distinguishing this from just some random campaign promise, both Assemblyman David Chiu and BART Board Director Nicholas Josefowitz were in attendance and are on board with the proposal.

According to a press release sent out in advance of the 10 a.m. campaign event, Arce wants more than just another BART stop. The Mission South of Cesar Chavez Sustainable Neighborhood Plan, as its supporters have dubbed it, would "build thousands of units of housing affordable for all San Franciscans, provide long term support for small businesses and fund a new BART Station at 30th and Mission Streets."

"Mission Street south of Cesar Chavez has suffered from a lack of a long-term neighborhood plan for decades," said Arce in a statement tweeted out by neighborhood chronicler Burrito Justice. "This is the first step in our plan to revitalize this neighborhood and our district," Arce later added.

Arce is running for the seat currently held by D9 Supervisor David Campos, who, after two consecutive terms, is barred from running for office this November. Campos is backing the candidacy of his current legislative aide Hillary Ronen in the race to replace him. Ronen is viewed as the progressive in the race, with the Examiner assigning Arce to the moderate camp. We reached out to Campos about Arce's proposal, and the Supervisor told us that he doesn't think there's much to it.

"As I understand it there is no proposal," Campos observed. "I chuckle because I don't really know what the press conference was announcing. This is something that people have been thinking about and talking about for some time — we talked with the BART people who have been thinking about this for years and they say 'no, it's just political.' "

"They don't even reference any of the work that people have been doing for years," added Campos in reference to a 2003 feasibility study on a 30th Street BART station. "I don't even think [Arce's campaign is] aware of it."

We also reached out to Arce's media spokesperson in an attempt to determine just how, exactly, this proposed new BART station would be funded — perhaps by bond money? Not so, says spokesperson Jackie Omatalade. "The funding would come from impact fees obtained from investments in housing and local small businesses," she told us via email.

Anyway, a new BART station serving La Lengua would be pretty sweet right?

This post has been updated to include statements from both Supervisor Campos and Omatalade.

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