For the late adopters just tuning in, there's this hot new game! It's called Pokémon Go. Many of your friends are probably playing and you have much catching up to do. And even though Muni typically warns everyone to "Keep your eyes up and your phones down while riding Muni," the SFMTA blog is contradicting that advice by listing all the hot PokéStops along various Muni lines, essentially encouraging everyone to keep their phones up and their heads stuck in the virtual world of the game, where there's apparently an "iconic Bulbasaur" at the Ferry Building. (Forgive me for not knowing what that is, or not knowing if this is old news, because I am an adult with work to do and a few shreds of dignity left.)

Also of note:

  • One of the rarest Pokemon of all time, Clefairy, can be hunted down along the 19 Polk route in the Tenderloin.
  • Whether you're headed to a museum or to enjoy a picnic, the 44 O’Shaugnessy, 5 Fulton, or 33 Stanyan can get you to Golden Gate Park, where you can also find Eevee and Dragonair.
  • Fancy a Flareon? the 6 Parnasus arrives roughly every 15 minutes to get you to Victoria Manalo Draves Park on Folsom in SoMa.
  • Pikachu is a serious trainer’s most valued Pokemon. The 38R Geary Rapid is a speedy way to catch this lightning fast rarity near Land’s End on the city’s west side.
  • If it’s a Pokemon gym you seek, popular battlegrounds include Union Square — arrive by the 38 Geary, Muni Metro’s Powell Station or a Powell Street Cable Car — and the top of Coit Tower accessible via the 39 Coit.

And there are apparently "goldmines for some of the city’s rarest Pokemon" along several bus routes: the 18-46th Ave, the 22-Fillmore, the 29-Sunset and the 38-Geary.

Please let this nightmare be over by next week.

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