Previously available only at a couple locations down in the South Bay, those McDonald's Gilroy garlic fries you heard so much about are coming to some 250 Bay Area locations starting June 27.

The fries, almost like the ones at AT&T Park, are made with a purée of real Gilroy garlic, as well as parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt, and parsley, and the regional rollout comes as a result of quick sellouts in the their test run in Santa Clara and San Jose, and a subsequent push by other Bay Area owner-operators of McDonald's franchises. Speaking in a bit of hyperbole, San Francisco Bay Area Co-op President Nick Vergis in a statement via ABC 7, "McDonald's has a long standing history of creativity and innovation. [And] McDonald's Gilroy Garlic Fries is a unique, regional offering that is tailored to Bay Area tastes."

But won't everyone everywhere want garlic fries now? Close conversation and kissing challenges aside, who doesn't like garlic fries?

As KRON 4 notes, all four South Bay locations quickly ran out of the ingredients to make the fries as soon as the test run launched in early May.

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