It will either renew or destroy your faith in modern-day San Francisco to know that several thousand full-grown adults took to San Francisco’s streets Wednesday night for a massive Pokémon Go Crawl, an event whose Facebook invite went viral to tune of “29K interested” and drew national media attention. SFist was on hand to capture pictures and video of the PokéProceedings and all of the best-dressed cosplayers — or at least those who consented to be photographed for this blog, as some players declined to be out of privacy/embarrassment concerns.


People who play a game where they wave their camera around constantly taking pictures of everyone and everything without anyone’s consent have “privacy concerns”. That is just hilarious.

The above video, which could easily pass for a Walking Dead Season 7 preview, depicts the 6:30 p.m. kickoff of the crawl at the Ferry Building. Crawlers started at two separate kickoff points, this one and Dolores Park, for a loosely structured crawl that created modest-sized mobs on Market and Mission streets.

Image: Joe Kukura

A dreaded server crash threatened to derail the event, as users were reporting outages within an hour of the scheduled start. “We were checking online, and it wasn’t working and it wasn’t working and it wasn’t working,” noted the purple dragon above on the left. “And finally a half an hour before we left it started working.”

Image: Joe Kukura

“Pokemon is not real!," shouted one nonplussed tourist alarmed by the scene. “Stop looking at your phones!”

Image: Joe Kukura

“We’re watching the whole of San Francisco just bowling us over,” said tourist Claire Hildebrand, visiting with her three kids and having trouble navigating through the mob. “I have no idea what’s going on. These are adults in costumes.”

Image: Joe Kukura

Well, not all of them. Here we see the youngest hunter Annabella, whose accessories have obviously made her quite popular lately. “I was at camp today and everyone was like, ‘Oh, I like your hat. Oh, I like your hat’,” she told SFist. “I didn’t think anyone would notice.”

Image: Joe Kukura

Here’s a fun game! See if you can pick out the one guy who was not staring at his phone the entire time.

Image: Joe Kukura

Some enterprising fellows actually had smartphones mounted to their scooters to hunt Pokémon more effectively. This contraption is called the EcoReco, a scooter with a smartphone mount, and the team that created it was in on the crawl. “We took today off to go around San Francisco to catch some Pokemon,” said EcoReco co-founder and CEO Jay Sung. “We have an accessory to put a dashboard mount on top [of the scooter].”

Image: Joe Kukura

Several bars offered Pokémon-themed drink specials to lure in the mobs of trainers, but the most effective strategy was to make smartphone chargers available. While Market Street’s snazzy new food court Myriad was hawking Jell-o shots themed to teams Mystic, Valor and Instinct, their power strips were the most sought-after attraction.

Image: Joe Kukura

Despite the safety issues that could have marred this multiple-thousand person meetup, it was one of the least drunken, most G-rated pub crawls this reporter has ever witnessed. Virtually no police presence was observed or required.

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Image: Joe Kukura