Supporters of Donald Trump are suing both the city of San Jose and its police force claiming officers failed to protect them from protestors at a Trump rally last month. The Associated Press reports the lawsuit was filed yesterday by fourteen people, and that the group is seeking class action status.

The June 2 rally made national headlines after video emerged showing a Trump supporter getting egged and another being assaulted. Trump himself, of course, has been accused of encouraging violence at his campaign events, but on June 2 at the McEnery Convention Center it was the actions of the anti-Trump protesters who made the news.

According to ABC 7, the 44-page complaint alleges that Trump supporters were beaten and robbed — directly in front of police. Police, dressed in riot gear, reportedly stayed back for roughly 90 minutes before moving in to break up the crowds.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and police Chief Eddie Garcia are named as defendants in the suit, and the complaint alleges that Liccardo is an "outspoken critic of Trump" and this may have impacted how the over 250 police on the scene acted that day.

"There is no place for violence in our political process, or in our city," Liccardo said in a statement. "The ludicrous accusation that I somehow directed the police department to 'stand down' at the rally is utterly false. In fact, I have no authority to issue such an order."

The plaintiffs are seeking a jury trial, and as of yet unnamed monetary damages.

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