Calling to mind those Guerrilla Grafters, a self-styled "guerilla gardener" named Brian Poppyseed has been planting succulents and wildflowers all along a block of Oak Street in various patches of dirt beside the sidewalk, and a couple of weeks ago he started the largest of his pocket gardens, a triangle of land on DMV property at the corner of Oak and Baker, bordering the DMV parking lot, as Hoodline reported. Now, predictably, somebody at the DMV decided this was against policy, or something, and Hoodline just got word from Poppyseed that his plants, including a pretty patch of California wildflowers, would have to be removed.

It of course makes little sense that this former patch of bare mulch should be de-prettified, but Poppyseed does include junk objects in his creations, in this case a large piece of decorative steel, perhaps from the top of a gate, and some painted bike gears.

Poppyseed says he's lived at the corner of Oak and Broderick for 27 years, and he tells the site, "I now have 'guerilla gardened' nearly the whole block of Oak between Baker and Broderick."

You can go and see his creations, which include a new sculpture made out of scavenged bike gears and small toy figurines to please passing children.

Hopefully none of his other guerrilla gardens will be deemed "illegal."

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