Chef Thomas McNaughton sent out a group email today announcing that Central Kitchen will be closing on July 9th for a major two-week overhaul, and saying, "Doing a standard press release for this great evolution of our restaurant did not make sense to me. A letter to our community, friends and family did."

The crux of the revamp — which was likely spurred by the restaurant dropping off Michael Bauer's Top 100 list this year and getting a grumpy, two-star review from him back in February in which he complained about the prices, balance in the dishes, and the service — appears to be a redo of the menu, which began four years ago as a higher-end sister spot to the more rustic Flour + Water down the street, as well as a redesign of the kitchen to help accommodate 55 total seats that they now have in two private dining areas.

"It has always been our goal to be an accessible, neighborhood restaurant," McNaughton says, adding that it "has never felt right to me" that the place is perceived as something higher end.

"I love Central Kitchen right now," writes McNaughton. "We have a busy space, outstanding food and I am so proud of what we put out every service. That said, the crazy momentum of a busy restaurant, open every day, makes it hard to implement changes, let alone the major overhaul we have been thinking about for some time now."

In addition to the kitchen remodel, McNaughton says the menu will borrow from Salumeria's cured meat selection and combine fermented, raw, and smoked items, along with featuring a seasonal vegetable section.

Though pastas have occasionally made it across the street from Flour + Water's house program, McNaughton says the pasta and bread program will expand as well, adding that all dishes will be listed as shareable.

The entree section, as it generally has been, will be anchored by roasted fish and meat dishes, though it sounds like those may be getting more rustic. "The meats and fish coming from the hearth, as well as simple crudos and vegetables, will honor the amazing, local products from the Bay Area," McNaughton writes, adding that he hopes "Central Kitchen will be a welcoming gathering place that is more connected to the neighborhood than ever before."

The move to revamp Central Kitchen comes three months after the parent restaurant group, Ne Timeas Restaurant Group, opted to temporarily close their one-year-old venture the Viking Room at Cafe du Nord and simplify the menu to be more bar-friendly, served primarily in the still open bar/lounge in front. The Viking Room remains active as a private event space, and will continue to host occasional, public special events with live music.

Central Kitchen - 3000 20th Street at Florida - Open for dinner through July 9, reopening July 21.