A 14-year-old Trump supporter recently went into Bang-On, the custom t-shirt shop in the Upper Haight, asking that they make him a Trump shirt, simple black with yellow lettering. Several employees apparently snickered about this — as you'd imagine in the Haight — but they filled the kid's order, only leaving a secret message just inside the bottom of the shirt.

You can see it below, and in the video he posted about it to the Trump sub-Reddit.

Conservative blog Regated picked up the story, and it's now prompted an army of the Trump faithful to take revenge on Bang-On via their Yelp page, where they now have over 100 one-star reviews. The owner of the store issued a formal apology on Facebook on Monday, saying that the employee responsible was fired and "We would like to insure you that we do not and will not tolerate such behavior towards our customers and will always take the proper actions to resolve the situation."

Regated later got Alexander, the kid responsible for the video, to do an interview in which he admits that he decided to order the t-shirt in the Haight as a kind of stunt. The Los Angeles-born budding Republican says, "I was walking around the Haight-Ashbury area with my sister and we were just looking at all the stores and shops, and we decided to go to the custom shirt place and see their designs. So then I thought, 'hey wouldn’t it be cool to try to get a Trump shirt in San Francisco?'"

He explains that the employee who handed him his finished shirt was on to his prank, saying, "Hope you had a good laugh" in a snarky tone.

But he says that shouldn't have given them the right to print profanity on the shirt he paid for.

He was told by the same employee at Bang-On over the phone that they wouldn't remake the shirt and if he came back in she'd kick him out.

Of course, the teenager, who won't be of voting age for another four years, is just taking great pleasure in stirring up some shit in liberal San Francisco. "Seeing the support from the Trump community is payback enough," he tells Regated, "and getting the media to report on discrimination of Trump supporters is a great thing."

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