This is pretty funny, at least if you're a non-parent: There's a totally dark and adult-themed animated feature coming out called Sausage Party, the trailer for which is above, and it's a stoner-esque tale about food items who suddenly, violently discover that they exist to be eaten. Seth Rogen is one of the co-writers, there are plenty of f-bombs, and needless to say it's not really for kids. But unfortunately for one rugrat audience in Concord, the trailer for the movie screened by accident before a showing of Finding Dory earlier this month, as the East Bay Times reports, prompting a formal apology from the theater and, now, nationwide headlines.

Entertainment Weekly picked up the story
, as did US Weekly and Esquire, which ran with the headline, "These Kids at a Finding Dory Screening Just Got a Taste of the Real World."

The trailer, in addition to containing profanity and images of a potato being mercilessly peeled, also features the sexualized imagery of some wieners and very vaginal looking hot dog buns.

Walter Eichinger, vice president of operations at the Brenden Concord 14 cinema, issued the following statement:

Playing that trailer was a one-time honest mistake by a theater manager moving screens around in effort to accommodate several large last-minute groups wanting to see Dory. The wrong movie was started by mistake. It was caught soon, but not until the trailer played. We regret it, apologize for it, and we are not happy that it happened. We fully realize this trailer is not appropriate for Dory and we would never schedule something like that. The trailer for Sausage Party is not and never has been scheduled with Dory.

Sorry, kids.

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