This past Sunday something amazing happened. A pack of go-karters, no doubt fed up with how depressing the world has become, sped southbound down I-880 in Oakland near Jackson Street. And, just like any group of friends out to feel the sun at their face and the wind at their back, they were likely without a care in the world.

Until an undercover police officer rolled up, that is.

The man who tweeted out the above video filled in some detail surrounding the SUV-on-kart chase. "This particular person on the go kart was the slowest and the last in the pack and that's why he was being chased by police," explained Tonka Dre.

And so, like a cheetah picking off the weakest gazelle, the police SUV honed in on the straggler of the group.

Here's another angle:

While we can't imagine he escaped the long arm of the law (nor should he β€” this shit is dangerous both to him and others), we still salute him for reminding us all what it means to be free.

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