At first, it seemed like the man who entered a Bernal Heights convenience store just wanted a candy-coated treat. But the snack run was a mere ruse, as a corner store confection buyer morphed into an armed robber.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, a man in his mid-30s entered a convenience store on the 3300 block of Mission Street (the same block, which is between 29th and 30th Streets, on which a five-alarm fire recently burned) at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

The man grabbed a bag of M&M's, police say, and went to the register to ostensibly pay for the treat.

But when the 20-year-old woman working the counter opened the register to take his payment, the man pulled out a "silver handgun, possible revolver," police say, and pointed the weapon at her.

The woman backed away from the register, and the gun-wielding sweets fan removed the cash tray from the register and put the whole thing -- tray and money -- into his bag.

The candyman then fled the scene, running south on Mission. According to police, he has not been seen since.