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Kitty-corner to an actual corner store, Food Hall (3100 16th Street) has all the sodas and booze and snacks of a typical "bodega" or "convenience store." But it's the presentation, the sourcing, and the pricing that elevates it to one of the bougiest new businesses to hit the 'hood in a while, and vive la difference.


Food Hall, which opened just days ago, also has coffee — the place does feel a little like Ritual, in fact — in addition to produce whose beauty is only rivaled by the items at Bi-Rite. Best to look, not to touch, so as not to trip any kind of alarm.

The store, as we learned in April, is operated by Yasmin Murtadha and Bilal Mannaa and aims to provide a "unique shopping experience for food and drink enthusiasts in San Francisco." Certainly it's an elegant one, the original Wells Fargo and then Val 16 grocery space redesigned by London-based architects William Tozer .


You'll also find education events from Food Hall's various departments, so think of it as an 18 Reasons mashup, too.



FoodHall - 3100 16th Street at Valencia - now open

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