As stock markets react to the United Kingdom's historic vote to exit the European Union, many European tech entrepreneurs are in the Bay Area for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit — the same one President Obama is speaking at this morning. ABC 7 got a few of them on camera to give their reactions to the vote, which many believe is going to be economically disastrous for Britain.

(If you want to see the live video of President Obama at the conference, that's here.)

ABC 7 snagged the collars of several tech entrepreneurs from across the pond shortly after they landed in SF Thursday night, actually breaking the news about the Brexit to a few of them. Berlin businessman Christian Umbach tells the station, "There's struggles, migration crisis, the economic crisis in some of the member states, but from a German perspective, we don't see the separation as a good solution."

The move is sure to impact the business community in Europe and Britain deeply, likely causing financial firms to relocate their European headquarters out of London, as the NY Times notes. "For the businesses operating in the UK and the rest of Europe it's going to be much harder," says Norwegian tech entrepreneur Lars Kintel, speaking to ABC 7.

"I think it's a crazy decision," concludes Irish tech guy Michael O'Dwyer. "It's bad for business. As an entrepreneur, I'm concerned. I actually moved [my business] to London on Monday. It really puts that future in doubt."

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