"There's a crazy situation going on in Oakland right now," says comedian Larry Wilmore. "And for once it's not Raiders fans." Now that Oakland cycled through three police chiefs in nine days and is currently under civilian control, the Comedy Central host picked up the story of the scandal-plagued department, joking (darkly) about the September 2015 suicide of Oakland police officer Brendan O'Brien, who let it be known in his suicide note that he and three other officers had been having sexual intercourse with an underage prostitute. Says Wilmore, "Um sorry, the aftermath of a sex prostitution cop suicide is when things started to unravel?”

There is then a sketch in which Wilmore starts interviewing one police chief, and that chief gets fired mid-interview and is replaced with another, and so on.

Meanwhile, Oakland has hired a private investigator to figure out why so much internal police dirt is getting leaked to the press, and to try to stop it — though the firing of three chiefs in a row didn't count as anything they could keep hidden.

Speaking of leaks, one leaker has now told ABC 7, regarding the separate scandal case against veteran homicide detective Sgt. Mike Gantt, that the racist text investigation actually goes back to 2014 when Gantt revealed the texts from Lt. Tony Jones to internal affairs. Gantt named both Jones and current Deputy Chief John Lois in his complaint, and he believes that the investigation into his allowing a girlfriend to type his reports is now retaliation for that earlier complaint.

And in related news KRON 4 speaks to a former Oakland sex worker, Rory Keller-Dean, who sued the Oakland Police Department in 1999 after she was repeatedly assaulted by multiple OPD officers over a two-year span, including one who she says treated her like "his possession." Speaking to a police culture that is certainly not unique to Oakland, but which clearly goes back decades in that department, she tells the station, "They take that badge to another level. It’s like they’re untouchable."

She ultimately won a $350,000 settlement in the case, and Officer Gary Romero was fired from the department.

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