You may know Woods Beer Co. for their creative brews like Yerba Mate IPA at their Polk Street, Oakland, and Dolores Park adjacent locations (that last one being actually the first and née Cerveceria de Mateveza). Also, you may know the beer brewers, led by namesake Jim Woods, are in expansion mode. Woods is adding an Outer Sunset spot (that was recently the site of some seemingly critical graffiti).

Today brought news that Woods is also opening another outpost, this one on Treasure Island and to be called, according to Inside Scoop and SF Eater, Woods Island Club.

Hours at what will be an indoor and outdoor tasting room will begin on July 9. Those are, at least initially, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Basically, this sounds like a cool old airplane hangar space (cause, Treasure Island) purchased for some barrel aging fun and storage and decked out with nice spots to drink. The indoor space is 4,350-square-foot and the sandy beach spot they're calling a "beer beach" is 4,000-square-feet. While Corona may be vying for your beach-beer attention, consider, maybe in the future, Woods' refreshing Morpho ale.

Woods Island Club - 440 California Ave on Treasure Island, hours to be determined

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