Yes, Game Three of the NBA finals was a gut-wrenching, scene, a 30-point loss for the Warriors in the unfriendly climate of Cleveland. But though most of us can't hop a plane to Ohio to cheer the Dubs on tomorrow night, we can join forces to root for them from home, as San Francisco's City Hall has just announced that they'll be broadcasting the game from the Civic Center big screen.

According to a press release sent by Mayor Ed Lee's staff, a jumbotron screen will be erected to broadcast Game Four in front of City Hall beginning at 6 p.m. PT Friday, and everyone's invited to come watch. (And lest you think this broadcast is illicit, Lee's office wants you to know that they're in the clear, as "The City previously received permission from the NBA to show the away game.")

"Our Warriors have shown their magic once again as their strength in numbers conquered the Cavaliers in Game One and Two with the Splash Brothers hitting threes, Green's domination on the court, Livingston with his career high points, Iguodala's passing, Bogut's defense and the entire team pulling together to win," the press release claims Mayor Ed Lee actually said aloud. (HAHAHA Sure, why not, totally sounds like something he'd say!)

In addition to the game's broadcast, Off the Grid food trucks will be parked in the area to feed viewers. "Activities for the entire family" are also promised, "including basketball games for youth, free throw contests and pickup games, and Warriors-themed art projects."

One activity you won't be participating in at the event is drinking, as Lee's office says that "alcohol will not be sold or permitted on Civic Center Plaza during the broadcast," and that "The San Francisco Police and Recreation and Park Departments will be on hand to monitor and enforce a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and other controlled substances in Civic Center Plaza."

As with any public event, attendees are encouraged to take Muni or BART to Civic Center for the viewing party, and are "encouraged to come early to secure a spot."

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