Where a location of Herbivore once sat on Divis, now spit-fired meats reign at Souvla, the second location of the supes pops casual (but organically priced) Greek souvlaki spot. Doors appear to have opened Friday, according to Eater, and no doubt many of you have already been.

We learned of the offshoot from owner Charles Bililies, who actually describes the niche as "fine casual," in December. Eater is calling the place a "clone," because clearly what's working in Hayes Valley will also work on Divis(alencia).

"My goal at the end of the day is consistency," says Ben Pote, who joins Souvla from a restaurant consulting team and will be in charge of brand expansion. Are we to expect more locations and consistency in the future, then? Time will tell, but let's hope that frozen greek yogurt is as creamy and delicious across the board.

One discrepancy between Souvla's locations worth noting? Souvla 'NoPa' has a backyard! A bi-level patio is now open for diners and, if you'd like, private rentals.


A photo posted by Souvla (@souvlasf) on

A photo posted by Souvla (@souvlasf) on

Soulva - 531 Divisadero Street between Fell and Hayes Streets, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day

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