Because the future of commerce is monetized emoji, as Kim Kardashian (with her Kimoji) and similar entrepreneurs know well, Warrior's MVP Steph Curry has followed suit, debuting yesterday StephMoji, a $2 app store purchase entitling users to a complete alphabet of Steph Curry signifiers.

Shoe contracts are passé, (click here to read thousands of words about the player's shoe contract with Under Armour), and Curry, according to Bloomberg, is "making bank" with his latest offering. While he's a unanimous MVP, the player isn't (unfortunately for him) payed by the 3-pointer: He makes, for now, $11.3 million dollars annually.

Stephmoji, adds Bloomberg, has been the most popular item in the Apple Store since its debut, edging out Ms. Kardashian, for one. And, at this clip, Steph's branded image of himself promises to be as popular as the internet's fixation with the memetics of "Crying Jordan."

Popsugar points out that, as in real life, Rilley Curry, Steph's daughter, steals a bit of the show, as does Ayesha Curry, his wife. One complaint I've seen registered: 415, the San Francisco area code, gets love in the form of its own emoji while a 510 is nowhere to be found.

So far, the app, which is for ages 4 and up, has a near-perfect rating. Perhaps a 510 emoji will be found in the update, elevating it to Curry's level of perfection.

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