While some surfers chase an endless summer, the Outer Bar Babes of San Francisco clearly aren't attached to ideal, sun-drenched conditions. They surf Ocean Beach. And tomorrow the group is showing inland San Franciscans what they can do at the world premier of their surf flick "It Ain't Pretty."

Dayla Soul and co. raised $36,000 on their Kickstarter to create the 70-minute film, and it's premiering tomorrow at the 15th annual San Francisco DocFest from the IndieFest folks. The Chronicle was hyping the film, which seeks to rebuff stereotypes of bikini-clad surf chicks and replace it with wetsuit wearing surfer women. As one surfer puts it, "I'm not being sexual out there. I'm getting rad."

It Ain't Pretty - June 2, 8 p.m., Great Star Theatre, 636 Jackson Street