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What do you call a swarm of Boosted Boarders? The electric skateboards seem to be getting more and more popular these days, and it's perhaps past time we all come to an agreement on this important matter. A flock? A gaggle? A murder? Perhaps an "embarrassment"?

The snapper of the above pic went with "herd," captioning the photo taken at 24th and Folsom: "A herd of electric long boarders in the mission. One says 'you gonna put this on snapchat?' No and stfu."

Yeah, not on Snapchat. Just Instagram.

The fact that there are eight riders in that photo really made me wonder: Do they have a club or something? Well, it turns out the answer is "sort of." Boosted Boards (the company) appears to have organized a group ride yesterday, and took plenty of pics for posterity.

For your viewing pleasure:


Photo via Boosted Boards.

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Photo via Boosted Boards.