Would you like to own your own de facto San Francisco tourist attraction? Do you have $4.15 million? I know just the place: 1709 Broderick.

It was just this April that we mentioned how the so-called Full House house, a home whose facade is featured in that sitcom, had experience an uptick in foot traffic and selfie-taking after a recent Netflix reboot, Fuller House. Today, ABC 7 and Curbed have word that the home is on the market, leading us to presume that the past owners were hounded out.

Materials for the home, which come from realtor Vanguard Properties, reveal the space's interior to look not even a little bit like the one on the show, which of course was shot on a studio soundstage.


Nope. More like:

Vanguard Properties

While there isn't quite enough room for as *full* a house as depicted on television — there are just three bedrooms in the space, which measures 3,125 square feet — there are potential upsides. First, it's just a lovely house. And second, why not just paint the door red again and start charging tourists for pictures or something. Sell some dumbass memorabilia. Be entrepreneurial.






One similarity to the house of the show? A yard.


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Michael Yarish/Netflix