A confrontation caught on tape yesterday morning shows a driver who had been driving in the bike lane on Market Street jumping out of his car and verbally accosting a clearly frightened cyclist as she holds her bike lock in front of her for protection. The incident went down near Franklin Street, and appears to have started when the driver of a silver Toyota stopped in a protected bike lane on the busy street, dropping off a passenger near the intersection of Van Ness and Market.

The cyclist, who was forced to ride around the stopped car, yelled at and may have pounded on the car (the video is unclear) as she rode around. The driver stops at Franklin, gets out of the car, and screams, "You hit my car, bitch!"

Other cyclists try to calm the situation down, and the car's passenger, a woman, gets out to hold the man back as he screams. As the cyclist rides away, the driver spits at her.

This incident comes two weeks after a driver allegedly intentionally drove over a cyclist on Market Street before trying to flee the scene. Thankfully, this time it appears that no one was injured.

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