When Alamo Square Park closed a few weeks ago for nine months of construction, San Franciscans sighed a little bit about the temporary loss of park space and made a quick mental note that we'd just have to sip rosé elsewhere for a while. Tourists, however, unaware of the closure, continue to show up. And instead of leaving empty handed (if you don't count the selfie sticks, that is), Hoodline reports that some intrepid snapshotters have been spotted climbing through a hole in fencing surrounding the park and gleefully Instagramming the results.

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And as evidenced by photos taken yesterday, it's not just a few people.

Granted, the park closure is relatively recent, but it's not like it's noted by just some small sign posted somewhere — a chain-link fence surrounds the entire park with signs explaining the closure at each entrance. Maybe Full House fans just can't be denied?

Update: It appears city officials weren't too happy about the situation, and have patched the fence hole.

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