Donald Trump considers Oakland to be one of the most dangerous places he's visited in the world.

That detail comes to us in a New York Times magazine profile of the presidential candidate titled "Mr. Trump's Wild Ride," a reference to The Wind in the Willows character Mr. Toad, who, while an altogether more sympathetic creature than Donald Trump, has seen equally little of the world beyond the halls of his inherited wealth.

“[There] are places in America that are among the most dangerous in the world," Trump reportedly said. "You go to places like Oakland. Or Ferguson. The crime numbers are worse. Seriously.”

Ignoring significant crime in Oakland, or for that matter in San Francisco, where property crime is the highest in the country, would be counterproductive. It is worth observing that, as of March, Oakland's notoriously high murder rate was down significantly.

Furthermore, Trump, who has never been one for hard numbers, concrete facts, or outlined solutions, might be seen as responding on a more, I don't know — visceral level — to cities such as Oakland and Ferguson (like, for whatever reason or whatever).

The magazine comments that:

It was a stark reminder of what set Trump apart from every other politician in recent memory who had occupied his current position: how little of the world he had seen beyond the archipelago of boardrooms, golf courses and high-rise hotels he inhabited, how utterances that by now would have torpedoed a more normal campaign continued to roll off his tongue with impunity.

Be it noted that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have recently visited Oakland, Secretary Clinton speaking at the bilingual La Escuelita Elementary School and Senator Sanders holding an impromptu rally there.

Oh, and Oakland Mayor had this to say:

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