A now-former Safeway security guard was arrested Monday following a March 16 incident in which he allegedly kicked a small Chihuahua mix twice — the second time sending the dog fleeing into traffic where it was hit by a car. According to a press release sent out this afternoon by Animal Care & Control, the dog, Rosco, later died at the San Francisco Pet Hospital. Ex-security guard Charles Lamar Moore was arrested yesterday on felony animal cruelty charges and is being held on $50,000 bail.

The incident was reported on at the time by ABC 7, which spoke with Rosco's owner. "I'm just trying to get some milk for my coffee," Mike Hardesty recalled of the morning he walked into the 16th and Bryant Safeway. "And when I walk in there's a scuffle."

According to Hardesty, he saw Moore struggling with a shopper, and so Hardesty took out his cellphone and began to record the incident. "[Moore] makes a beeline to me and slaps my phone out of my hand cause I got it pointed at him," he told the channel. "He tagged me in the ear as hard as he could. My ears still rings."

It was then, Hardesty alleged, that Moore kicked Rosco. "He kicks my dog like he was trying to win the Super Bowl. And Rosco took off and I ran after him as fast as I could." Unfortunately for all involved, the terrified dog ran away and was hit by a car before Hardesty could locate him.

According to the Animal Care & Control press release, the entire incident was captured on security footage. If found guilty, Moore could be fined up to $20,000 and could possibly serve jail time. He was employed by G4S Security, a company that provides security guards for Safeway.

"Whomever the Good Samaritan was who tried to save my dog — took him to the pound — bless you brother." Said Hardesty of the person who, in an ultimately failed effort to save Rosco's life, took the dog to the animal hospital. "I really appreciate your help."

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