San Francisco loves to day-drink, and when given the opportunity to begin said activity shortly after dawn, a great many of you jump on in and join the fray at Bay to Breakers every year. Sunday's race was blessed with plenty of sun, and indeed a few people actually ran the whole thing sober. As ABC 7 reports, the same guy from Kenya who won the race last year won the Men's Elite Division. Isaac Mukundi Mwangi, who currently lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, clocked in at just over 35 minutes — meaning he can run a five-minute mile even with that big hill in the middle. Another Kenyan, Caroline Chepkoech, won on the women's side with a time of 40 minutes, 36 seconds.

The SFPD tells SFist that there were a total of 10 medical calls related to the race, two felony arrests, and five public-intoxication arrests — so, good job on all that, guys.

But what about the costumes? Naturally, there have to be Teletubbies, and a bunch of lazy dudes who just recycle the same banana costume they've worn for three Halloweens, stains and all.

Hoodline has some scenes from the Divisadero stretch, where a lot of people end up calling it quits.

But here's a SFW selection for your perusal, assuming you haven't already seen enough on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.