The very *~racy~* Twitter account of rapper/provocateuse Azealia Banks has been very much suspended. That overdue move on the part of Twitter's notoriously reticent harassment team was first noticed by Hip Hop mag and website XXL: Observe.

Since you can't, rather mercifully, read the artists' tweets right now — trust everyone who did that they are toxic — Pitchfork adds a bit of context. In particular, Banks targeted singer Zayn Malik, accusing him, for one, of stealing her look before going full-on abusive. "you a dick rider for real for real. Ride this dick until the wheels fall off Punjab," reads one tweet that might stand for many, preserved for posterity by the archivists at Pitchfork.

Last month SFist earnestly wondered whether Ms. Banks might possibly control Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey through dark magic, a theory largely overlooked by mainstream media. She professed to do so on Twitter, claiming to have a lock of Dorsey's hair and crying foul following a seemingly broken business arrangement between them. That hold on Dorsey was maybe the only thing shielding Banks from a well-earned Twitter time out, and appears the spell, powerful as it was, has been broken.

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