A true general strike, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Occupy Oakland days in 2012, means that workers skip out on work, kids skip school, and everyone joins the protest. The Frisco Five and their supporters called for a citywide general strike today that begins with a rally and picket at City Hall at 8:30 a.m. — will all those who committed to the sit-in and protest Friday night return to protest again today, and then some? Will you be joining the cause to call for the firing of SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, police reform, and justice for the killings of Amilcar Perez Lopez, Alex Nieto, Mario Woods, and Luis Gongora?

The strike comes at a moment when many local college students are finishing up their academic years which for some might mean crunch time for exams but for others could mean plenty of free time to participate in this — though getting a college student to come to a Monday morning protest is a far different thing than getting them to come storm City Hall on a Friday night.

The rally and sit-in on Friday led to scuffles with sheriff's deputies inside the City Hall rotunda, and it's now reported that 33 people were arrested or cited in total. The Examiner now also says that four journalists were injured as well.

After the five hunger strikers gave up their strike and began eating again over the weekend while under observation at UCSF Medical Center, the call for today's strike went out in an effort to keep the momentum going behind the cause of ousting Suhr. Firing the chief for activists has become the only acceptable sign of victory after being told of a variety of reforms in the department — and after any immediate reforms in the wake of the death of Mario Woods in December were arguably not enough to save Luis Gongora, whose April death on Shotwell Street is still being investigated.

SF Democratic Committee candidate Jon Golinger tells ABC 7 that an early voting rally event planned for today has been postponed in honor of the strike. "We decided to honor the Frisco Five, hunger strikers, who put their bodies on the line, and the thousands of people who were going to show up tomorrow to support them."

In addition to skipping work and school and further protesting at the mayor's office door, the strike calls for a "boycott [of] any corporate restaurant" as well as a boycott of chain stores.

CBS 5 reports that there will be a "peaceful picket" today at City Hall, and the Chronicle suggests that the Frisco Five, whose commitment to the cause has already inspired many, are likely to make their second appearance at City Hall in a week today to help rally the crowd. We'll update you as more unfolds, and as the protest potentially grows.

As of 8:30 a.m., the picketers only numbered in the dozens, as we can see in a video tweeted by Mission Local above, but as the Examiner's Jessica Christian shows, that number had grown to about 100 by 9 a.m. Sheriff's deputies have set up barricades barring anyone from entering City Hall, at least via the front.

Update: There are now, as of the lunch hour, enough protesters to encircle all of City Hall in a picket line. Some are wearing masks, which could point to the possibility of less peaceful activity later on.

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