What have you been up to lately? Probably not that much, am I right? I mean, you've definitely not been picking up trash on Ocean Beach in your free time like the members of Metallica, have you? No? Well, that's exactly what Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, and Jeff Samardzija all did yesterday.

As hard rock news site Blabbermouth noted, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo are both "avid surfers," and Trujillo has in the past used ocean metaphors to describe working in the music industry. "The art and the creative side is a wave, and that force went away for a while but it starting to happen again right now," he said at a 2014 surf summit.

Yesterday's cleanup, however, appears to be about more than just guaranteeing a clean spot to catch a wave. Hoodline reports that the effort was sponsored by the Giants, and tonight is the 4th annual Metallica Night at AT&T Park. Loudwire reports that proceeds from Metallica Night will go to the non-profit Surfrider Foundation and Amnesty International.

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