While preparing their Top 100 restaurants booklet, Inside Scoop made a shocking discovery. 628 area codes, which we've known since 2012 would be coming to San Francisco, have arrived, or at least some have.

Since the numbers have been rolling out slowly for a little more than a year, we hadn't checked in on the new digits in a while. However, we did note last February that you were going to start having to dial "1" for all 415 calls — you know, from your rotary phone or whatever.

As the PUC wrote at that time,

Beginning February 21, 2015, callers must use the new 1 + 10-digit dialing procedure for all calls. After that date, if customers do not use the new dialing procedure, their calls will not be completed and a recording will instruct them to hang up and dial again. Between August 16, 2014 and February 21, 2015, customers should practice using the new procedure whenever they place calls from the 415 Area Code.

This change, not to mention the new area code, represents a grim example of the ways San Francisco isn't what it used to be.

415 was objectively better than 628, since it came first, and we were used to it. The higher figure — 628 — is simply another sign that, in this town, numbers only go up.

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