Finding housing in San Francisco is difficult. Finding housing that bears the Craigslist designation "420 Friendly" is not.

However, the Weekly writes that you could absolutely be evicted for smoking weed in your apartment, as it stands now, and that more anti-doper legislation is on the way.

Most current lease agreements have something in them banning activity forbidden by law, the Weekly points out, and of the many ways to be evicted, breaking the terms of your lease is a very good one. It's happened, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) tells the Weekly, and although the Rent Board couldn't recall any instances, habitual marijuana use may impair your memory.

Where was I? Currently, assembly member Jim Wood, a Democrat from Healdsburg who helped write last year's Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, wants to grant landlords the right to specifically ban pot smoking on their property. AB 2300, as the bill is known, unanimously cleared a committee recently, and according to the Weekly, "it's not likely to see much opposition." The bill would also, in its words, disallow "the smoking of medical marijuana where smoking is prohibited by a landlord, as specified."

The timing here is a bit odd, as California gets ready to probably legalize pot in November. But that's not a given, and perhaps this would pave the way for landlords who don't want recreational smokers, of which there could be a growing number, stinking up their places with that dank herb.

As SFGate's Homeguides section saw matters with regard to medicinal pot use few years ago, "the rights of medical marijuana smokers in California rental properties is not entirely clear because... there have been no legal cases that attempt to interpret the law regarding medical marijuana as a medical accessory to a disability." The state of affairs would seem to be a bit, well, hazy.

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