In the wake of Friday's big protest outside the state Republican convention in Burlingame where Donald Trump made an appearance, we're getting word via ABC 7 that a total of five protesters were arrested and one was injured in the chaotic melee — which can boast having made Trump hop a freeway median on foot in order to get access to the Hyatt, after protesters blocked the freeway.

Trump joked from the podium that this was like "crossing the border," and said, "You walked through the lobby, I had to go through dirt, under fences."

This was Trump's first appearance in the Bay Area since his campaign began last June, and as the Business Times reports, he's pretty eager to gain the possible 172 delegates that would come with winning California's primary, which doesn't happen until June 7.

Nonetheless it's kind of amusing that California's primary may actually matter this election year, since its traditional late date in the season typically makes it totally irrelevant.

The Chronicle reported that "roughly 20 people were arrested," but perhaps most of those were only briefly detained. They also say, "One demonstrator jumped on a police car, smashing its windows, while others spray-painted graffiti on another cop car and the marquee of the venue where the rally was held."

And, amusingly, Trump had to leave his SUV parked beside the freeway, and he had to return to it after his speech the same way he came in, out the back door, down a hill, through the grass, and over that median.

I leave you with KRON 4's Stanley Roberts's People Behaving Badly segment devoted to the anti-Trump protesters.

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