Despite word just last month that rents for one-bedrooms were basically flat, a new report from rental site RentCafe suggests things are about to take a turn for the (even more) pricey. The Chronicle picked up on the report, and highlighted the depressing news that the site expects rents in San Francisco to increase by 10.5 percent before the year is out. And yes, that increase is more than any other city in the country.

San Francisco is not alone in seeing a significant jump, however, and according to the report Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles are all predicted to have increases above 7 percent.


If you want to live somewhere that isn't seeing such growth in prices, the site suggest you make your way east. "Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Richmond and Kansas City all saw lower-than-average rent growth," reads the report. "Houston also came in just under the average eight-year growth rate."

If you're a renter and you feel like staying here? Well, better hold on to that rent controlled apartment — and try not to get Ellis acted.

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Image via RentCafe.