A crash between two vehicles this morning left one upside down and the southbound Mission Street lane at 23rd closed off as crews worked to clean up the scene. Mission Local reports that, according to a witness, a sedan ran a red light heading south and collided with the black SUV heading west.

“The black car was crossing the street, and the other one ran the red light,” the witness, Mariana Acevedo, told the publication. Apparently one person was taken to the hospital with injuries, although at this time it is unclear who that person is. “When two cars are going 30-40 miles per hour and collide, one of them is going to flip over,” Lieutenant Ron Banta, who was on the scene, told Mission Local.

One witness tweeted out concern for what she says were the two children inside the SUV.

This morning's crash is reported to have occurred around 9:40 a.m., and follows news of two big wrecks on Sunday. Namely, a multi-vehicle crash in San Francisco's Nob Hill neighborhood that left three people injured and a Lexus driver that allegedly ran a red light and struck a police car.

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