If you caught the story about the crazed burglary suspect who led police on a totally cinematic roof-to-roof chase on the Nob/Russian Hill border on Saturday morning, you were probably wondering who the hell this guy was. As KRON 4 now tells us, his name is Alexander Kolesnikov, and he's a 34-year-old man from Vacaville, and he's been booked on multiple counts of burglary, possession of stolen property, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, resisting or delaying a peace officer, brandishing a firearm at a police officer, and vandalism. Also, he had an outstanding warrant for drugs and stolen property, and the gun he allegedly pointed at officers and initially refused to drop — but ultimately did — appears to have been a BB gun, though that remains unclear.

The chase began with a report of a burglary on the 1300 block of Pacific Avenue, after which Kolesnikov allegedly went to commit another burglary nearby, on the 1500 block of Leavenworth. It was suggested earlier that he was accessing the buildings via their roofs, and a piece of luggage from the first burglary was found on the roof of the first building.

After breaking down one woman's door in the building on Leavenworth and allegedly holding her at gunpoint, Kolesnikov then encountered officers and allegedly pointed his weapon at them. (Earlier reports suggested there was a second, male victim held at gunpoint, but the Chronicle now says only one person was held at gunpoint.)

He proceeded, allegedly, to lead police on a chase across rooftops until he leapt off of a four-story building, 1600 Hyde Street, trying to jump to a tree but instead landing atop an Audi parked on the street below. He was hospitalized for his injuries, and subsequently booked into county jail, where he's being held on $1,276,000 bail.

And for everyone who insists this headline is incorrect, and that it should be Nob Hill, please observe that a neighbor across the street from the crushed Audi tweeted about the incident that morning calling her neighborhood Russian Hill, because this stretch of Hyde, yes, it's a borderland.

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