This guy, who was sitting near the left-field line at AT&T Park last night, is sad and ashamed. You see, in the seventh inning, while the San Francisco Giants still held a two-run lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks, Brandon Crawford hit a double that looked like it might have gone foul, but nope, it was four feet into the fair zone. But, as sometimes happens, this fan and at least one other guy reached for the rolling ball and grabbed it before the D-backs' outfielder could get to it.

And, as you can see in the video, his girlfriend was clearly deeply ashamed, and buried herself in her hoodie as they were escorted away from their seats.

Deadspin jokes that these guys were reacting way too dramatically. ("I understand that nobody wants to be removed from their seats for interfering with the game, but those two reacted like they just accidentally ran over a toddler.")

But, as it turned out, this little break in play also could have, arguably, thrown things off-kilter enough for the Giants that they ended up losing this game — and losing ugly, as the Chron puts it — in extra innings. Directly after this inning, in which no one scored, the D-backs came roaring back to score two runs in the eighth, tying the game, after which the Giants scored one more, and the D-backs scored one more in the ninth, tying things at 7 runs, and extending the game into 11 innings. The Diamondbacks went on to score two more in the 11th and win it.

The two teams will play again tonight at AT&T Park at 7:15 p.m.