It seems that one Bay Area car mechanic may have watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off a few too many times. Video posted to YouTube, that looks to have been shot from the dash-cam of a car getting serviced at the Palo Alto Audi dealership, appears to depict a mechanic taking the car for a joyride, blasting music, and snorting drugs of some sort.

The owner of the car was not amused.

"You take your Audi for service and do not expect your vehicle to get abused," a title card reads in all caps (we toned it down for you) at the beginning of the video. "Check out how this vehicle was treated! Thanks Audi Palo Alto!"

The video, which according to a time stamp was recorded on April 12, shows the car being driven at high rates of speed and seems to capture the audio of someone doing lines (you can later hear the driver giggling). A simple comparison between the video and Google Maps looks to confirm that it was indeed shot at Audi Palo Alto.

Now, there are a few obvious cuts in the video, and while appearing for the sake of chopping out the non-offending parts (leaving that sweet sweet outrage-inducing material in), they could point to the entire thing being faked. We reached out directly to the service department at the dealership in question, but our call just went to voicemail. Audi, however, did issue an official statement on the video which was posted by Autoblog.

"An unfortunate incident was brought to our attention earlier this week," the statement read in part. "We immediately began our investigation and have already taken action. We are working with the customer involved and have thanked them for bringing this matter to our attention."

Which, if you ask us, reads a lot like their mechanic was joyriding and doing coke in a customer's car.

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