Things at last Friday's pot-banging protest of a Hillary Clinton fundraiser featuring George and Amal Clooney heated up, although perhaps not in the manner anyone was expecting. As we previously noted, the $353,400 (per couple) fundraiser set to take place at the Nob Hill home of venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar got the attention of protesters who decried the high price as a negative reflection of money in politics. And so, they planned to show up and bang pots. One woman, it seems, decided on a different form of protest, and her NSFW effort to stick it to the (wo)man was caught live on a NBC Bay Area telecast.

"Now Hillary Clinton and George Clooney will hold another fundraiser tomorrow night in Los Angeles, this time at Clooney's mansion, and the price to get into that one will be around $34,000," noted NBC Bay Area anchor Pete Suratos, clearly unaware of the woman who had walked up behind him, with a very large grin, and proceeded to flash her boobs at the camera.

"And we apologize for that in the background of Pete's live shot there," deadpanned a seemingly unflappable anchorwoman.

Before things took a turn for the R-rated, protesters reportedly chanted "We are the 99 percent," and "Votes for sale only $353,000, including dinner." The show, it seems, was free of charge.

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