Money certainly cannot buy class. This much we already knew, but video depicting an apparently drunk California man being thrown off a Jet Blue plane last Friday really drives the point home. According to ABC 7, the flight was from Long Beach to Sacramento, and the plane was still on the runway when things got heated.

The man in the video, identified by the Daily Mail as David Brackett, proceeds to let loose a torrent of nonsense, including bragging about how smart and rich he is.

"You're a fucking idiot," he tells another passenger. "I have a 176 IQ," he adds before calling the passenger "Mr. Bald" who "can't grow a set of hair" (whatever that means). "I'm 28, I make $4 million a year — what do you do?" (He later says he's 27, so his exact age is unclear.) He then proceeds to brag about his six homes.

The Daily Mail suggests that Brackett is the vice president of a California real estate and mortgage company. The video, filmed by fellow passenger Sara Bear, was posted to an airline steward Facebook page and has since gone viral. Brackett, after being taken off the plane, and presumably sobering up, issued an apology and blamed the 10 minute long outburst on PTSD.

“I’m not blaming anybody but myself for the actions that I did," CBS 2 reports him as saying. "The PTSD thing that I do have, it’s the first time where I’ve had to do something that I regret." The channel notes that Brackett claims to have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a motorcycle crash.

While on the plane, Brackett also took the time to brag about his superb eyesight. "I've got 20/20 vision," he excitedly told his fellow passengers. He also threatened to sue the passenger filming the incident.

Two other passengers were also thrown off the plane — one of whom threatened to assault Brackett. As soon as Brackett was escorted off, the other passengers cheered.

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