The Department of Emergency Management is warning San Francisco residents of a person (or persons) claiming to be an officer with the SFPD calling and texting unsuspecting members of the public and telling them that he is investigating them for sending nude pictures to a woman. So reports Bay City News, which notes that the warning went out last Thursday, and that the caller has spoofed the phone number of the police's non-emergency line.

Using the name Edward Johnson or Jeffrey Johnson, the person has both called and texted people with the false investigation claims — although it is unclear what, exactly, the person is seeking to get out of it besides being a weirdo. BCN notes that people are being advised not to send the scammer money, so he may be running some sort of convoluted blackmail operation. Regardless, it's definitely creepy, and a person impersonating officials in positions of power can result in dangerous situations.

So, if you're the sort of person who even answers unknown-number calls, and someone calls you and says they're investigating you for sending nude pics to a woman, no need to get upset. Just hang up with the expletive of your choice. At this time it is unknown if anyone has fallen for the scam.

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