If you were anywhere near Pacific Heights Friday evening you may have noticed some conspicuously blocked streets, a parade of fancy cars, heavy security, and perhaps an imposing motorcade. This was of course because President Obama was in town (he's actually still here until 2 p.m. today), with daughter Malia in tow, attending some big Democratic fundraisers, including Nancy Pelosi's annual one at the Pac Heights manse of Ann and Gordon Getty.

The President landed at 1:20 p.m. Friday and also attended a fundraiser Friday afternoon at the Potrero Hill home of Susan Sandler and Steve Phillips, as ABC 7 reports. He and Malia were reportedly spending the night at the Intercontinental Hotel in SoMa, where he's been known to stay before while in SF.

As the Chronicle has it, the President used a speech at the Friday evening event at the Gettys to hammer away at Senate Republicans who are refusing to hold a hearing on his Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland — who by all accounts is a consensus candidate for the seat and one that many Senate Republicans have previously expressed admiration for.

"We have a Republican Senate that has decided not only not to vote for him, but to not give the American people an opportunity to hear what he has to say through a hearing," President Obama said, adding that "no one disputes [Garland] is one of the most qualified people ever to be nominated."

At over $15,000 a plate, the event reportedly raised $3 million for Democratic candidates, who face an especially tough battle this November to potentially retake control of the House. At the moment, a gain of 30 seats would do it.

The President also took a moment to discuss the "difference in emphasis" between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but said, "They both believe that climate change is real and we should do something about it. ... [and they both want to] close corporate loopholes and prevent the kind of tax avoidance that puts a burden on middle-class families."

You can read here what Press Secretary Jennifer Friedman briefed the press on while en route to SFO on Air Force One on Friday.

Meanwhile, many San Franciscans who might otherwise like the President did not like being stuck in hours of downtown traffic as streets were cleared for his motorcade Friday afternoon, spawning a #ThanksObama hashtag with a new angle. Not like we didn't warn you! Better read SFist next time, folks.