Following that big press event on Wednesday, we now have video footage inside the first of the new Fleet of the Future BART car, currently undergoing testing at BART's Hayward facility.

The video includes audio of the new door-closing indicator sounds, and the harsh new horn on the train car, and gives an up-close look at those bike racks, new seats, and the new LED screens each car that will display the BART map as well as show passengers where they are in the system.

Other perks: Air conditioning vents in the ceiling, and more sound-proof doors.

As we learned this week, the Canadian-based manufacturer Bombardier, who's assembling the new BART fleet in their Plattsburgh, New York plant, has agreed to speed up eventual production from 10 cars per month to 16, meaning that the timeline for getting the full 775-car fleet should be shortened by two years. (That's if they don't miss deadlines, which they've reportedly done in the past.)

You should be riding on your first brand new BART train sometime in 2017, though the first complete 10-car train may arrive by the end of this year.

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