Today's potentially record-breaking heat is causing snakes, both the venomous and non-venomous varieties, to slither and creep into yards and homes, alternately seeking both sun and shade. And as Sonoma County Reptile Rescue Director Al Wolf tells CBS 5, for a variety of other reasons, "Everybody, I’m telling you right now, it’s a good year for rattlesnakes."

Those reasons include abundant grasses from the winter rains that are bringing snakes out for adventures, and a reportedly "huge rodent supply," too. Says Wolf, "The snakes are moving."

Snakes to look out for in the Bay Area include rattlers — which according to this local reptile guide, can be found "in many habitats, including seaside dunes, scrub, grasslands, rocky hillsides, chaparral, open woodlands, and agricultural fields." — and a number of varieties of harmless snakes including the California Kingsnake, the Western Yellow-Bellied Racer, and the Pacific Gopher Snake.

If you find a snake, as some SF friends of mine just did in their garage, you're advised to call Animal Control who will come and remove it for you. Generally speaking, these snakes don't really want to be in developed or urban environments.

But back to the heat: As CBS 5 tells us, records are likely to be broken today as some parts of the Bay Area hit 90 degrees. There was a hot spring like this in 1989 when several local records were set for April 6th, including 87 degrees in San Rafael and 89 degrees in both Richmond and Livermore. And Oakland Airport recorded a temperature of 80 degrees on this day in 1962, but nothing has topped that on April 6th since.

As SFGate tells us, we should top out at 87 in San Francisco today, but Oakland may hit 92.

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