The incredibly adorable Chihuahua mix that last Sunday led California Highway Patrol officers on a high-speed chase, briefly stopping traffic on the Bay Bridge in the process, is recovering safely at San Francisco County Animal Care and Control as officials wait for his owner to claim the pooch. As you surely remember, the dog was spotted on the upper deck of the western span of the bridge by a motorist around 7 a.m. who then called to report the city-bound canine to CHP.

CHP efforts to get the dog safely off the bridge led an absurd scene of a motorcycle officer blazing after the Chihuahua — who appeared to be making a life-or-death break for freedom.

The Chronicle reports that officers have nicknamed the dog Ponch, after, yes, Erik Estrada's character in the 70's television show “CHiPs." Estrada, for his part, seems pleased by the news.

“[Ponch is] really frightened and still very nervous and scared after [Sunday],” shelter spokeswoman Deb Campbell told the Chronicle. “He’s slowly coming out of his shell.” Campbell further noted that, while shaken, the pup has started to show an interest in treats.

Officials say that the dog appears to be without injuries, and thus they don't think he was thrown from a car. However, if he's your furry friend, you only have a few more days to claim him. If no owner comes forward in the next three days, Ponch will be put up for adoption. And he may require a long leash.

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