Giants outfielder Hunter Pence has been known to ride a motorized scooter between AT&T Park and his home SoMa home. He had parked the Goped scooter in a secluded spot by Epic Roasthouse while he ate dinner one night in 2014 when it was stolen, leading to some sad tweeting and a reward offered by Lefty O'Doul's. The scooter was ultimately returned to Pence, but recently he autographed the same scooter and donated it to the Make-a-Wish Foundation's SF chapter, which had already auctioned it off to a fan for $40,000. As NBC Bay Area reports, the theft happened at the Make-a-Wish office on Saturday night, and the thieves were caught on surveillance cameras making off with both the scooter and other loot from the charity.

Staffer Tamara Burnett tells the station, "It's just such disappointment that somebody would do this. My heart just kind of sank... I didn't believe it... It absolutely breaks your heart."

As ABC 7 suggests, the theft appears to have targeted Make-a-Wish's office in particular, since the office is on the eighth floor of a building, and no other floors were burglarized. Also, a key is required to get into the building, further suggesting some sort of inside job.

Below, a photo of Pence with the fan named Michelle, who had donated $40,000 to Make-a-Wish at a charity auction for the scooter. Just two weeks ago, Pence made the video above with the organization to promote a T-shirt he had partnered with them to sell that says "forever grateful" on it.

Pence, meanwhile, has purchased a new scooter for his own use.

There is not much that's identifiable about the suspects from the footage, but you can view it here.

And, of course, Make-a-Wish's executive director Patricia Wilson told ABC 7, "Rest assured, I'm prepared to ask Batkid to help bring justice!"

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