It's so perfectly set up that it almost seems like Mission District-based Lyft is in on the joke. An advertisement for the company, behind protective glass, showing two cartoon characters riding in a car made out of money while someone looks on from an open sewer. As shown above, what appears to be a drawing of steam coming out of the sewer has been turned into a speech bubble — with the words "they took my house" inside and an arrow pointing at the money-car passengers for added effect.

"On-point SF ad vandalism (what was Lyft thinking?)," writes Chad Woodford of the ad busting. And while the photo is tagged as being taken in Manhattan, we followed up with Woodford and he confirmed the pic was snapped at 30th and Mission Street by a friend of his. Anyway, it would be pretty tone deaf in either location.

Although the advertisement is not nearly as bad as the catastrophically passive-aggressive ad campaign run by AirBnb last year, that will likely be of little consolation to the Lyft Community Manager who is surely face-palming at this very moment.

This post has been updated to reflect the confirmed location of the ad.

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