I'd really love to be able to tell you that the Outside Lands lineup was finally getting announced this week, but judging from a release today about early-bird — sorry, "eager beaver" — tickets arriving Thursday morning, it looks like we might be waiting until next week or later. There was, of course, that fake but still grounded in probable reality lineup we saw last week, and we know that both Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem are likely headliners, because they're touring this summer. And it's possible that Another Planet Entertainment is getting ready to surprise us with another quirky, video-based lineup announcement like last year, though it's not likely to drop today.

The "eager beaver" ticket sale is typically for die-hard OL fans who know they're going for three days no matter who's playing. Those tickets, as they announce today, go on sale Thursday, March 31, at 10 a.m. PT for $325 a pop. (Up from $285 last year, and $225 in 2014.) Parking and shuttle passes will also go on sale Thursday.

The festival, now coming up on its ninth year, has sold out the last five years running — last year sooner than ever.

The music fest happens this year the weekend of August 5 to 7 in Golden Gate Park, and maybe, just maybe, it won't be as dusty this year because the ground got to soak up a lot of rain this winter. But that, of course, is a pipe dream.

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