Look, you guys. Things remain bad with the housing! We know all the ugliness that's out there! But must people really get on Craigslist and post things like this, which are clearly fake, just in an effort to make everyone feel that much worse.

Two different people have sent this ad to our inbox today, and I'm not buying it. Also, the "Reply" button to send an email to this landlord does not work.

That is not to say that a few people did not consider it today, clicking that button out of desperation, or just out of curiosity to see if some asshole would really try to rent to this torture attic for $2,000 and call it a "charming studio" with a "bathroom" and "kitchenette" without even bothering to paint it. Some of you might have even thought, "Maybe there's a window," or "I could paint that and it might not be so awful." For all of you, I am very sorry.

Whatever. Anything is possible. But I don't have time for your games. April Fool's Day is on Friday, and I won't be reposting your fake crap then, either.

Update: Yep — reverse-image-search that pic and you can find it being used in this 2012 French article about the "Sovietization of housing" in France.