Fans of the San Francisco Bay Guardian remain frustrated and sore over the abrupt 2014 shutdown of the once venerable progressive paper. But, as staffers at the time promised it would, the SFBG is returning in some form, and that form is digital via the officially revived While it won't be a daily news site, former Guardian editor Tim Redmond has already posted the SFBG's official endorsements for the June election of the Democratic County Central Committee, and you can bet the site will kick into action again before November.

As promised during their fundraising drive last fall, the SFBG will, henceforth, provide election endorsements as it always did, and will be printing up some special issues like the Best of the Bay, and the GOLDIES arts awards. Says publisher Marke Bieschke, who's now working with Redmond on the daily updated site 48 Hills, "Let's keep media independent, print the news, and raise some hell!"

Also, the effort is ongoing to digitize the paper's 48 years worth of archives — a project that is no doubt very inky and complicated, and for which the crew is still hoping to raise more funds.

Next up, look for the 41st Best of the Bay, which is in the works.

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