Though we don't know what the events were leading up to this cell phone video being taken, a substitute teacher in an Antioch middle school was pushed to the brink and basically lost his mind over, apparently, a missing box of rubber bands. An anonymous school employee provided the video to KRON 4, saying that this was a longtime substitute at the school who would no longer be teaching there after this incident. Also, they apparently said "teachers are frustrated by a lack of discipline in the school and perhaps that is why this teacher lost his cool."

Obviously a person with a temper that can flare this loudly perhaps should not be in a classroom with middle school children, though it is true that kids are awful and substitutes always get it the worst.

But, rubber bands? What was so vital about these rubber bands anyway? In the video, the teacher seems to be singling out one student in particular, who's suspected of stealing or hiding said bands, and she's ordered to dig through a trash can to find them.

According to the Contra Costa Times, as of late last year, the substitute teacher shortage across East Bay school districts prompted several of them bump their per-day pay rate. Teachers like this guy now make $125 per day in Antioch.

For what it's worth, the school issued the following statement Tuesday:

Late yesterday, administration at Antioch Middle School learned that a substitute teacher had lost his temper with students in a sixth grade classroom. Staff took immediate and decisive steps to ensure that the substitute was removed from the classroom and the campus. Police were immediately notified and students in the classroom will receive counseling as needed. The actions of this individual in no way reflect the values of our schools or our District. We take all instances of student safety seriously and will ensure that appropriate and conclusive steps are taken as determined by the outcome of the investigation.

Reactions to KRON 4's Facebook post on the incident range from, "People sometimes think that teaching is for them but maybe it is not," to "This video doesn't show the abuse teachers go through on a daily basis."

A woman who appears to be an Antioch resident writes, "Driving by the school everyday when the kids are let out is sometimes scary. I have had bottles thrown at my car. (Even caught them and principal did nothing)."